By Godiwear

$ 180.00

Introducing Our Edsel Shoes:

The Edsel Ford Expressway, better known as I-94, is one of the oldest urban interstate highways in the country. When the United States entered World War II, construction began on what was then called the Willow Run Expressway; a stretch of this four lane divided highway was ready in time to get workers from Detroit to the new bomber plant that opened near Ypsilanti in 1942. Extended and renamed over the next decade, first as the Detroit Industrial Highway and then the Edsel Ford, this expressway helped shape the region’s history.   Today, the Edsel Ford Expressway is a small segment of the I-94 freeway that travels 275 miles across Michigan’s southern Lower Peninsula from New Buffalo on Lake Michigan to Port Huron at the southernmost point of Lake Huron. 

Step up your game, no matter where your journey takes you, with the Edsel Boots. Taking design cues from the ever-changing seasons, they're durable as they are stylish. A relentless rubber sole lays the foundation for a flashy 3M body with mesh netting over a suede base, and a faux leather upper and tongue, finished off with rope laces. Sacrifice nothing.

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