By Godiwear

$ 30.00 $ 40.00

Introducing Our Willis Shorts:

The land forming the Willis Historic District was originally the Park Lots, the Cass Farm, and the Jones/Crane Farm. These parcels were subdivided in the late 1800s. Due in part to the growth of Detroit during the 1860s and generous lot sizes, the Willis District became a popular area for development, particularly for the relatively wealthy professional class.

Comfort speaks for itself.  Made with the hand sourced Terry Cotton, leaves you feeling smooth; whether you're lounging on a cold morning, or hitting the beach - the Willis Shorts are a no-brainer. Style it with our Essential Willis Muscle Tee and a pair of Edsel Concept shoes, for that cozy summer style look. 


-Height: 6'2

-Weight: 180 lbs.

-Top: Medium

-Bottom: Medium

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